tales of a mouse and her chums

mouse house tales cover imageMouse House Tales, by Susan Pearson, illustrated by Amanda Shepherd
published in 2013 by Blue Apple Books

This nice plump book holds seven tiny tales about bright-eyed Mouse and her pals, including one hungry goat with a decided craving for cheese.

Mouse wants a house of her own, and thanks to her helpful friends, she’s soon installed in as nice a spot as you please, with curtains mouse house tales pearson and shepherd interior2spun by Spider, a feather bed provided by Duck, a teensy eggshell chair lined with the softest of Bunny’s fur. Just right!

But, once she’s settled in for the night, Mouse begins hearing Strange Noises. Eeep! Mouse thinks it’s a ghost! It’s certainly a mystery.

Of course, her friends gladly help her solve it. How do they do that? And what’s at the bottom of the mystery? That’s a surprise!

mouse house tales pearson and shepherd interior

There’s a snitch of an old-fashioned, Golden Books feel to this clever set of stories, told briefly enough for Under-Twos to happily listen, with pages beaming with charming, friendly, colorful illustrations. The slightly-hefty size makes it feel Extra Important as well. A great snuggle-up-and-read choice!