Lists of 5

Here are links to all the Monday lists-of-five.


idea-sparking, wonder-provoking picture books…a list of five
unusual flavors in picture books…a list of five
cozy stories for autumn days…a list of five
a fiesta of fine folks
mingle with more good humans
a parade of people
the biography bonanza continues
a worldful of interesting folks
soak up some summer…juicy picture books for sunny days
fabulous nonfiction for children and their grown-ups
celebrating the inauguration … a list of five
a compassionate Christmas to one and all… a list of five
scarves of red tied ’round their throats…five for a winter’s day
five full of beauty and history…it’s Indigenous People’s Day
women’s history: plenty strong
women’s history: with brush and song
women’s history: science, not silence
please mr. postman…picture books celebrating the joy of letters-in-the-mailbox
every day is Earth day
tell them about the dream…MLK Day 2020
a time to plant…a list of five
five for sunshine and friendship
restorers are my kind of heroes
things spring brings
vintage poetry…April is Poetry Month!
here, there, and everywhere
warm and witty stories…a list of five
a zing of spring
movers and shakers the world over…a post for women’s history month
love one another…peace and faith in children’s books
a delightful dozen stories for womens history month part two
a delightful dozen…stories for women’s history month…part one
five for midwinter cheer
black is beautiful
painting, poetry, fashion…five guys making art
a trio of sweet for valentines
black history is American history
welcome to The Year of the Pig
just imagine!
never stop being curious!
still dreaming that dream — MLK Day 2019
a jumble of jolliness
a jubilation of Earth’s creatures
a banquet of splendors
peace and mirth on Earth
when winter whistles in
people, places, and things
five helpings of gratitude
ten to tickle your fancy
as fall drifts into winter
powerful and poignant…new recommended reads on refugees/immigrants
rocket into space…out of this world books!
treats for all…on Halloween
five for doughnuts and hot cider weather
dive in!…six nautical ventures
splendors for September
six for starting school
the world is so full of a number of things
a kaleidoscope of cultures…picture books for loving a big world!
warm as toast…five to bring a smile
preschool perfection
another splash of summer…a list of five
like a bridge over troubled water
let’s go camping!
peachy beach-y reads
five for a blast of summer
the beautiful game…winning books for World Cup fans
a batch of slim chapter books for young readers
new gems for young and old
silly and smiley
soak up the green
women & art…a post to celebrate my daughter
as happy as a tree fort
sorting rats and cats
a myriad marvels
quirky, saucy, moonlit, booming…poetry
spring forth, Spring
she inspires me…stories of women in history
buttresses, beams, and bridges…architecture for kids part two
artists of metal and wood, earth and air…architecture for kids
let the sun shine in…five to gladden your hearts
enduring, glittery, always, goofy…love
contagious courage…Black History
let them eat cake!…a confection collection
super sisters and brilliant brothers
oh baby!
a curiosity of creatures
I have decided to stick with love…books for MLK Day 2018
January brings the snow…
a happy Christmas to all…books brimming with Christmas cheer
six wintery stories celebrating cold weather
ten word reviews
the authors behind the books we love
with charity towards all
terrific for toddlers…books just right for little squirts
a waltz of words
nonfiction gems recently read
a batch of goodies…picture books I’ve loved lately
a jumble of treats for little tricksters
autumn oughta be longer…lovely reads for my favorite season
the silver lining…five positive spins on rain
elegant imports…picture books with an air of elsewhere
problem|solution…a list of five
first day jitters?…five for rockin’ the new school year
fun in the sun…books that shine
intriguing reads for summer evenings
something funny is going on here
ten picture books as cheery as cherry lemonade
world refugee day — open your heart with these books
dive into all things summer…a splash of picture books
tales of tails and words on birds — a list of five
ancient stories for modern children
terrific and true…juicy new nonfiction picture books
eight fresh as a breeze reads(to enjoy with lemonade)
merrie olde England..journey back in time
plump that pillow! it’s time for bed!…five nighty-night books
five quick peeks at artful alphabets
seeing, saying, showing…six beautiful bios of artists
each little flower, each tiny bird…books to inspire delight and care for the Earth
what is all this juice and all this joy…books to welcome Spring
words that dazzle, sizzle, nuzzle, puzzle…April is National Poetry Month
tantalizing, electrifying, art history and appreciation
quiet wonderings, wild imaginings…five for kindling curiosity
can we do it? Yes, we can!…books for Women’s History Month
when breakfast goes bonkers…a list of five
the weird world of trolls…feast on some Scandinavian lore!
need a smile?…five books with miles of smiles
what the world needs now is love sweet love…five full of love for Valentine’s Day
freedom, jazz, bookstores, museums, and a snowy day…five for Black History Month
be amazed by animals…a list of five
what’s black and white and read all over?
we shall overcome…five to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
words of civility…five for a neighborly new year
cold hands, warm hearts…five icy tales warm with love
five new Christmas stories decked in good cheer
a sprinkling of Scandinavian Christmas stories
where it’s snowing all winter through, that’s where I want to be
all good gifts around us…five for Thanksgiving time
by the light of the silvery moon…a list of five
five whiskery reads (curl up with a good book)
ahoy matey! a shiver of pirate tales for the stout of heart
frightfully good…five Halloween tales
quietest and most constant friends…five books about books
from the arctic to the great plains…five for indigenous people’s day
cozy sweaters, chilly days, and wonder-fall books
WWII: Life on the Home Front…six picks for kids
comfort, explore, imagine…five gems for preschoolers
the sound of silence…books for appreciating quietude
too young to remember…a few books for the post 9/11 generation
a dog that bawks and other animal tales…a list of five
the wonder of learning…books for back-to-school days
a boatload of board books
kaboom! a blast of books for America’s birthday
pulling up stakes…five books about folks moving house
like cayenne in dark chocolate:unusual ingredients in picture books…a list of five
they also wrote a kids’ book…a list to celebrate my daughter’s graduation
May the 4th be with you…a galaxy of starry books
hey nonny nonny! ’tis Shakespeare’s birthday!…exploring the bard with books
taking care of our big backyard…a list for Earth Day 2016
A is not Always for Apple…a list of five
oh yeah, it’s time for bed…five tranquilizing storybooks (results not guaranteed)
Women’s History Month…sailing beyond calm waters
ten tremendous treats…new and amazing books for small-fry
Women’s History Month…embracing a worldful of callings
love again, song again, nest again, young again…five because it’s spring again!
Women’s History Month…marching to our own heart-beats
a handful of graphic novels…give one a try!
Women’s History Month…frailty, thy name is not woman!
nine kinds of pie for pi day
six gorgeous books about six spectacular artists
Black History Month: Athletes
need a smile?…five fresh looks at some cheery old titles
Black History Month: The Arts
first mothers, first ladies, first daughters…hail to them on President’s Day
Black History Month: Slavery
friends are for loving…five for valentine’s day
Black History Month: Jazz
doctor, doctor, please come quick…books for the sniffles and sneezes
a stack of warmhearted books with a side of hot cocoa, please
now is the time to make justice a reality for all God’s children…five for MLK Day 2016
decades old but winter-lovely still…a list of five
six to begin another round of seasons
celebrate winter’s arrival with a flurry of frosty books
five Christmas celebrations from around the world
a menagerie of merry Christmas stories
five helpings of gratitude
all kinds of courage…six for veterans’ day
five to read by the light of a jack-o-lantern
five fizzing with wonder!
five for crackling fires and hot apple cider
war and peace…five journeys toward peace in a war-torn world
five helpings of beauty, charm, and cheer
five for that smell of newly sharpened pencils
ins and outs and thereabouts…a list of five
the circus is coming to town…five from under the big top
outstanding outings…a list of five merry expeditions
great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world…five outstanding celebrations of a big world
to see the world in a grain of sand…five glimpses of nature’s wonders
five candles on the cake!…five to celebrate Orange Marmalade’s fifth birthday
words as tasty morsels…five for National Poetry Month
a congregation of alligators…five toothy books full of ’em
we’re March-ing into spring…five books to greet the milder weather
booyah! two big bunches of ace easy readers
just one word…five books with really, really short titles
la belle France…grab a baguette and feast on five (or six) French stories
chocolate kisses and all good wishes…five books for sharing the love on Valentine’s Day
a grand heap of loving…five glad stories about grandparents
love that baby…five affectionate books for big brothers and sisters
kissable cheeks and pudgy toes…five books full of love for babies
still walking toward that dream…five to celebrate MLK Day 2015
better bundle up!…a flurry of winter stories
sky blue sheep on scarlet lawns…five artistic ways of seeing
mischief at midnight…five books for staying up late on New Year’s Eve
twelve days of Christmas…five books stretching all the way to Epiphany
northern lights and black currant cake…Christmas in five cultures
’tis the season to be jolly…five very merry Christmas stories
Christmas wordsong…a list of five rich and lovely poetry books for your holidays
searching for someplace else…a sweet assortment of surprising expeditions
it’s that “best of” time of year…five books from the 2014 New York Times Best Illustrated Books Listing
thanks a million…a list of five books for Thanksgiving time
the milk of human kindness…a list of five tenderhearted stories
boo!…a frightfully good list of five Halloween tales
if you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet…a list of five books to make you smile
round, round, get around, I get around…five revved up books motoring your way
where are you going and what do you wish?…a list of five capricious quests
flashlights and moon jumping…five books aglow with darkness
a kaleidoscopic imagination…a tiny biography and list of five books by Dahlov Ipcar
a list straight from my heart…five books for learning about West Africa
a diller, a dollar, a ten o’clock scholar…five books for a new school year
a little sketch of Esphyr Slobodkina…five books by the author and illustrator of Caps for Sale
heading to a new familiar…a list of five books about moving
tell the ones that need to know, we are heading north…five books for a vacation in northern Minnesota
trees are for hugging…a list of five books soaring with trees in honor of my son’s graduation
hola amigos!…a list of five latino stories to spice up your life
that miracle called Planet Earth…a list of five books for Earth Day 2014
a list of…five books to consider for Easter celebrations
a few goodies for the animal cracker crowd…a list of five board books
a European holiday…five historic cities, five books to take us there
pictures worth a thousand words…a list of five imaginative wordless books
it’s been a c-c-cold winter!…a list of five books looking forward to Spring!
books fall open, we fall in…a list of five books starring books
kids caring about the world…a sampling of kids’ lit with a humanitarian heartbeat
cookin’ up a batch of irresistable easy readers…a list of slightly more than five
hail to the chief!…a list of five positively presidential portraits (actually six)
skidamarink a-dink, a-dink…five sweet books that say, “i love you!”
a list of…five harrowing wintery journeys
a list of five books you can “count” on enjoying
take time to pause…five quiet books full of wondering
from civil war to civil rights…five books for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014
pass the syrup, please!…five yummy books sizzling with breakfast goodies
it’s about time!…five tickety tock stories to brighten the hours
sugar and spice and a detective that’s nice…a list of five holiday easy readers
snow in the forecast…a flurry of five wintertime tales
hurrah for the pumpkin pie!…a list of five books to celebrate Thanksgiving Day
on a galaxy far far away…a list of five interplanetary messages for tiny earthlings
all aboard!…five tantalizing rides on the rails
so much is owed to so few…a list of five books to honor veterans
boo!…a list of five tricky treats for Halloween
Christmas through the decades…a list of five vintage Christmas stories
heigh ho! heigh ho! it’s off to work we go…a list of five books in praise of work
a list of…five stories for those who love to laugh
grab your magic carpet…a list of five flights of fancy
to boldly go where no one has gone before…five books about explorers
the frost is on the pumpkin…a list of five books fitting for fall
zzzzzzzzz…a list of five bedtime stories
roll out the red carpet…a list of five tales replete with royalty
surprise! a list of five books packed with mysterious envelopes to open and magical flaps to lift
for the beauty of the earth…five books for celebrating Earth Day
e-i-e-i-o…a list of five tales from the farm yard
a list of…five affectionate stories about moms
the magic of a poem…a list of five poetry books for young children
birds of a feather…a fabulous flock of five books about birding
curiouser and curiouser…a list of five books on curiosities in the animal kingdom
eggs-traordinary…five eggs-tra books for Easter time
ready for the big leagues…a list of five fine early chapter books
batter up…a list of five baseball stories for fans of all ages
oops! oh no!…five accident prone adventures filled with (uh-oh!) mishaps
the last homely house…a list of five brilliant books about building houses
oh, the billowy waves and the briny deeps…a list of five books about our oceans
a list of five admiring accounts about Abe
roses are red, violets are blue…a list of five tales of love definitely not just for Valentine’s Day
baby, it’s cold outside…five bracing books for frosty days
the struggle for freedom and civil rights…a list of five books to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
turning over a new leaf?…a list of five books encouraging fresh paths for the new year
God Jul!…five Swedish Christmas stories sprinkled with ginger cookies and tomtes
a list of five tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago
a list of five poetic versions of the Nativity
a list of five oh! christmas tree stories
lions and tigers and bears oh my!…a list of five ferocious stories!
it’s raining cats and dogs!…five happy stories full of four-legged friends
a list of five books beaming with happiness
a list of five books for big brothers and sisters
a list of five zippy twists on sports (inspired by the summer athletes)
a list of five faster, higher, stronger books about the Olympic Games!
a list of five cheerful animal tales to put a smile in your day
a list of five more classic stories that just shouldn’t be missed
a list of five gold medal books about London, home of the 2012 Olympics
a list of five home-again-home-again-jiggety-jog books about the pleasures of home
a list of five snapshots along my European itinerary
a list of five inventive artists who inspire and delight us
a list of five terrific takes on transportation
a list of five stories to transport you around the world
a list of five books to help us love and care for this good Earth
a list of five sparkling stories for moon and star gazing
a list of five particular pleasant stories about people in a pickle
a list of five cheery books to welcome Spring
a list of five imagine that! fantasies for children
a list of five, count ’em five proofs that math can be fun (and I’m not even kidding!)
a list of five books popping with curious questions and clever observations
a list of five cheers for Washington on his birthday
a list of five sweet tales of love for Valentine’s Day
a list of five charming stories perfect for preschoolers
a list of five first-class frivolities featuring flamboyant friends
a list of five vibrant stories honoring MLK Day
a list of five clever accounts of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…and a couple of grandparents, to boot
a list of five wildly different stories about home and moving
a list of five happy new year’s stories
a list of five merry christmas stories from around the world
a list of five glimpses of the Nativity story
ho! ho! ho!…a list of five jolly books about good ol’ St. Nick
a list of five frosty tales singing of snow
a list of five catchy books to hook those early readers
a list of five books full of Thanksgiving feasts
a list of five sugary, chocolate-covered stories about sweets
a list of five spooktacular stories to celebrate Halloween
a list of five licking, lapping, wagging books about dogs
a list of five snapshots of friendship at its finest
a list of five joyful books to share with toddlers (and up!)
a list of five stories sprinkled with a little pixie dust
a list of five books with Native Americans in the spotlight
a list of five books that fly, chug, pedal, putt and sail
a list of five wide-awake books about nighttime
a list of five mighty good stories about mighty tiny people
a list of five sun lovin’ beach bummin’ books
a list of five books for nature lovers
a list of five books crammed with camping adventures
a list of vintage goodness from five classic children’s authors
a list of five intriguing looks at long-ago days
a list of five stories with weird and wacky creatures
a list of five sun-soaked, lazy, hazy, crazy summer books
a list of five conspicuously colorful tales
a list of five hoppity-skip books bouncing with bunnies
a list of five splendid books by Swedish (mostly) authors
a list of five books steeped in the loveliness of the ordinary
a list of five stories about small-fry and their special loveys
a list of five keen adventures messing about in boats
a list of five pesky problems with surprising solutions
a list of five astonishing accounts about assorted animals
a list of five out-of-the-box books
five books wishing you a happy birthday
a list of five reflections of Easter for Holy Week
a list of five fascinating, historical journeys
a list of five completely crazy calamities
a list of five beginning readers that are the bees knees
a list of five books to welcome Spring
a list of five stories featuring captivating cultures
a list of five books you don’t actually read
a list of five books that pirouette, swing, do-si-do, waltz, and tap
a list of five monumentally great books for President’s Day
a list of five friendly, loving stories for Valentine’s Day
a list of five audaciously noisy and sublimely quiet books
a list of five books ambling across Asia
a list of five books welcoming babies with open arms
a list of five books honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
a list of five stories about some beloved authors
a list of five books to launch a new year
a list of five warm-hearted books about giving
a list of five worthy versions of the Nativity story
a list of five more delectable Christmas stories
a list of five stories blanketed with snow
a list of five favorite Christmas stories
a list of five “noteworthy” books with a measure of music
a list of five books from my all-time favorite author/illustrator, Shirley Hughes
a list of five more please-don’t-miss-these picturebook classics
a list of five stories about grumpy days
a list of five very slightly shivery tales
a list of five early reader series with pizzazz
a list of five splendid stories spotlighting storytellers
a list of five books about guys who wondered and discovered
a list of five books of wordless wonder
a list of five creative spins on the seasons
a list of five books saluting sensational librarians
a list of five books honoring teachers
a list of five books with clucky, plucky heroines
a list of five books about a NUMBER of things
a list of five books plum full of pigs
a list of five books about mingling cultures
a list of five favorites for the preschool crowd
a list of five books swimming with summer-ness
a list of five books celebrating America’s birthday
a list of five books just peachy for a blossoming reader
a list of five books with great dads — Happy Father’s Day
a list of five delightfully welcome books about house and home
a list of five books celebrating New York City
a list of five books about some very nice old people
a list of five delightful dragon tales
a list of five classic picture books for the very young
a list of five books to tickle your funny bone
a list of five classic picture books