Who I am certainly impacts my choice of literature for my blog,
so here’s a small peek into my life.
Scroll down to the bottom for some specific guidelines
about what I am open to reviewing.

I’ve loved books since I was a toddler in the 60’s, and I’ve never outgrown my love of great children’s literature.
I love the old classics, and I love the new, diverse voices today.

 I’m a mom to four awesome people who are now working and traveling and making homes in various places.  When they were young, we had a rich time learning together via homeschooling, reading countless books over mugs of tea.
Each one of them is still a thoughtful,
wide-ranging reader.

Version 2

 I earned a degree in Writing, and find pleasure in words.

 I believe in imaginative, non-electronic pastimes for children — books and paints and rain boots and hammers and bicycles and ukuleles and fresh air and the wide world — for the sakes of their bodies and minds and souls.
I think the freedom to investigate, wonder, play, and generally muck about
are priceless gifts for children (and grown-ups, too.)

water is interesting

peeling potatoes is interesting

I’ve lived in northern Minnesota, Philadelphia, Quebec City, West Africa, and my current home is Minneapolis. Cultural differences intrigue and delight me.

 I’ve led several different book clubs and taught some writing classes for kids and am energized by hearing their thoughts.

When I’m not reading, I love camping, hiking, baking bread, the North Shore of Lake Superior, kayaking, chocolate in most forms, tea, all things British…well, not Marmite, music, snow, used book stores… 

Review Guidelines
1. I’m sorry but I do not review self-published material.
2. I am especially interested in the following:
*books centering outdoor play and exploration
*books cultivating a love of nature and environmental stewardship
*books exploring cultures, written by cultural insiders
*books illuminating non-white racial experience
*literary non-fiction
*books in translation or imported
3. I tend to be less interested in the following:
*didactic fiction
*books written by celebrity authors
*books primarily aimed at readers over the age of 13
*books primarily focused on death, sexuality, romance, or school cliques