Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day…Saturday, May 2

static1.squarespaceThere is a day for everything.

And this Saturday, May 2, is Independent Bookstore Day, when hundreds of indie booksellers around the country are throwing out the stops to celebrate these unique, community-oriented, literary-rich…okay, let’s just say it…havens of civilization!! 

Okay. And, since Minneapolis is currently rated #1 Most Literate City in the country, and St. Paul is just a couple notches down the list at #4 (go Minnesota!!) — if you are a Twin Cities resident, you have oodles of parties to choose from.

Here are just a few examples…

…and I’ll start with Magers and Quinn because my daughter works

This is a Bogart doughnut. Enough said.

This is a Bogart doughnut. Enough said.

there 🙂 They’re the biggest indie in the Twin Cities and they’ve got lots cooked up including Awesome Prizes being raffled off, Bogarts doughnuts and coffee, impromptu poetry — tell the poet a secret and she’ll write you a poem about it!, Obscure Book Recommendations from the folks at Rain Taxi Review, literary board games and more. Go to their website and find the whole schedule of events.

There are two incredible children’s bookstores in the Twin Cities.

PA-140265842-630x422At Wild Rumpus in Linden Hills, they are…wait for it…painting sheep. And painting you to look like a sheep. If you think this sounds odd, you don’t understand the connection between Wild Rumpus and animals galore. Check out their event page here. There’s lots more including some exclusive merchandise on sale only at the store, only on Saturday…

…which is also happening at The Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand

Derek Anderson will be there to launch his new book.

Derek Anderson will be there to launch his new book.

Ave. in St. Paul. They’re hosting a book launch which promises to be riotous and includes cake, face painting, gobs of treats, and a visit from David LaRochelle, one of our awesome local author/illustrators. And gobs more which you can find out about on their event page here.

moon palaceI have to put in a plug for Moon Palace Books as well. For one thing, they were kind enough to make a cool map of all the indie shops in the Twin Cities so you can bop from one to another having a high old time. Find it here, where you can also link to their event page. Lots of great give-aways and raffled goodies going on there.

Check the websites for stores listed on the map to find where you can make your own zine, play F. Scott Fitzgerald Bingo, dance around a Maypole and Oh So Much More.

If you have an Independent Book Store Day event you’d like to tell us about in your neck of the woods, please feel free to comment.