nine kinds of pie…for pi day

Pi Day approaches. March the 14th. A grand opportunity for a delicious slab of apple…

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or cherry…

Cherry Tarts | Tony Kubat Photography

or chocolate cream pie. Yummmm.

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Here are some stories to give your pi celebrations more pi-zzazz!

three little kittens cover image

Three Little Kittens, retold and illustrated by Paul Galdone
published in 1986 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

In which pie is a coveted treat and tremendous source of trouble!

three little kittens illustration paul galdone

Paul Galdone’s classic illustrations are purr-fect. Ages One and up.

pie for chuck cover image

Pie for Chuck, written and illustrated by Pat Schories
published in 2015 by Holiday House

A darling, easy reader to accompany some purple-berry scrumptiousness.

pie for chuck illustration pat schories

How can Chuck reach that tantalizing pie cooling on the windowsill?

pie in the sky cover image

Pie in the Sky, written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert
published in 2004 by Harcourt

Lois Ehlert’s beautiful cut-paper illustrations lead us step by step through a mystery…

pie in the sky illustration detail lois ehlert

Dad says the tree in the yard is a pie tree! How can that be? Do pies really grow on trees? Curious questions, objects to spy, and a recipe for cherry pie, packed into this colorful tale for ages 2 and up. 

sweet dream pie cover image

Sweet Dream Pie, by Audrey Wood, illustrations by Mark Teague
published in 1998 by Blue Sky Press

Pa Brindle cannot sleep. He’s craving a slice of Ma’s famous Sweet Dream Pie. Ma warns him that strange things happen when he eats too much of it. But Pa promises to be good. Just one big piece. That’s all he wants.

sweet dream pie illustration mark teague

You have never seen the likes of Ma’s Sweet Dream Pie, nor the magic it works on the neighborhood! It’s a sugar-saturated fantasy that’ll tickle the fancies of ages 4 and up.

How-to-Make-an-Apple-Pie and See the World cover image

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, written and illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
published in 1994 by Alfred A. Knopf

The gal in this story has run out of ingredients for her pie, but does she borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors? No she does not.

how to make an apple pie and see the world interior marjorie priceman

She sets out on an epic tour of the world to collect the choicest cinnamon, the mellowest butter, the freshest apples. It’s the quintessential baking-from-scratch approach, fabulous, loved for decades, with an apple pie recipe for you that should be a tad less complicated. Ages 4 and up.

And here are a few more pie treats with links to their original review on Orange Marmalade:

The Tea Party in the Woods

the tea party in the woods cover image

a ravishingly beautiful story from 2015.

The Apple Pie the Papa Baked

the apple pie that papa baked cover image

lovely rustic tale in which Jonathan Bean channels Wanda Gag.

Piggie Pie!


Gritch the Witch is mad for some tasty Piggie Pie in this hilarious story.

The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan

the tale of the pie and the patty pan cover image

Beatrix Potter’s funny tale of Ribsy’s distress over mouse pie and patty pans.

May your Pi Day be delightful and delicious!