poetry friday

by Walter de la Mare

a book of the seasons illustration eve garnett 001The seeds I sowed —
For weeks unseen —
Have pushed up pygmy
Shoots of green;
So frail you’d think
The tiniest stone
Would never let
A glimpse be shown.
But no; a pebble
Near them lies,
At least a cherry-stone
In size,
Which that mere sprout
Has heaved away,
To bask in sunshine,
See the Day.

I found this poem in a lovely old book called The Book of the Seasons: An Anthology, made and decorated by Eve a book of the seasons cover imageGarnett. She was a British author and illustrator, and we have thoroughly enjoyed her children’s novels and her sweet pencil drawings over the years.

This book has classical poetry, both  full poems and excerpts, that are rich in language, and prolifically illustrated by Garnett. It’s a quiet book, filled with deep appreciation for the natural world as it passes through the seasons. 

I see there are a few used copies for sale on Amazon. Here’s the link:A Book of the Seasons

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