a little word

Hello, Orange Marmalade readers.

I just wanted to get a word to you.  I’ve been quite sporadic here lately…due to 1) getting my firstborn on the plane to Germany where she’ll be teaching violin at a K-12 boarding school this year, 2) getting my son off to his second year of college in Chicago, 3) getting my high school senior started again at the local community college where she’ll take her second year of coursework, 4) preparing for homeschooling, a writing class I’m teaching, and a book club I’m leading, all starting in the next couple of weeks, 5) visiting my sweet, elderly dad, 6) getting away for a week at the cabin, and last but painfully not least, 7) dealing with a dead computer.

I have lots of great titles to share with you, and hopefully a repaired computer and a more routine schedule coming up!  Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying the final glorious days of summer and the beginning of my absolute favorite season of the year.  Any of you on the East Coast — I do hope you survived Irene with minimal troubles.