nonfiction nuggets…Mother Nature’s amazing world records!

Hottest,  Coldest, Highest, Deepest — written and illustrated by Steve Jenkins

A desert where it hasn’t rained for hundreds of years.  A mountain so tall, our highest skycrapers are like teeny blips next to it.  And…you think you’ve had a lot of snow this year?  How about getting 1,200 inches in one year!

Kids (and grown-ups) love superlatives.  The fastest.  The loudest.  The best and the worst.  Steve Jenkins — whose work I love! — has  met our hunger for record-breaking wonders  with this fascinating book about some of the most outstanding features of the natural world.

Each two-page spread introduces a new world-record-holder.  The hottest spot on the planet.  The wettest place; the driest place.  The highest waterfall, or the most active volcano.  And… lookee what you get for each one:

1) The main fact:  The world’s highest waterfall is Angel Falls, in Venezuela.  It is 3,212 feet high.

2) A Very Cool Graphic… to put that fact in perspective.  On the waterfall page, an inset box shows Angel Falls compared to Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls, and the Empire State Building.  It is soooo helpful to graphically compare that 3,212 feet figure with the others.  Wow!  Angel Falls is really, really high!!

3) A little extra info.  How many times higher than Niagara Falls is Angel Falls?  And does Angel Falls or Victoria Falls contain more water?  Hmmmm. 

4) A map and a globe.  A small inset map with enough zoom to locate the spot within its country, and a globe to show where the country is in the world.

5) A fabulous paper-collage picture!!!  Jenkins’ speciality is cut-paper collages.  The colors and textures and patterns of these designs are brilliant.  His portrayals of these amazing spots on Planet Earth are beautiful.

This is a book grown-ups will enjoy as much as the kids.  The format and information is clear enough for a 4-year-old, yet the wonder at the grandeur of Earth is certainly not age-restricted.  While you’re at it, look for others of Jenkins’ titles in the library. 

Here’s the Amazon link: Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest