three just right for small-fry

If you’re looking for some new titles for the littlest lap-sitting bibliophiles in your sphere, be sure to check out these jolly choices!

I Like Trains, written and illustrated by Daisy Hirst
first published in 2020 in the UK; first US edition 2021 by Candlewick Press

Big, bold text. Sprawling, friendly illustrations. An extra-large trim size.  Every bit of this book welcomes little ones to the party inside with open arms.

This little fella simply tells us how much he loves trains — playing with his toy train, making box trains,

reading about trains, and best of all riding the train. Where might he be going on that train ride?

Toddler splendor, right here. Ages 18 months and up.

100 Things I Know How to Do, written and illustrated by Amy Schwartz
published in 2021 by Abrams Appleseed

Continuing her 100 Things series (find two other volumes here and here) Amy Schwartz delivers another energetic, deliriously-happy, Crayola-bright catalogue, this time filled with 100 things a little person is pleased as punch to know how to do.

Short, snappy, rhyming phrases zip us along. A jolly and diverse set of little peabodies cavort in vignettes across white space, making s’mores, feeding goats, building forts, and whoop-ti-doo, sleeping all night!

One to look at again and again with ages 18 months and up.

Full Moon, written and illustrated by Camilla Pintonato
first published in Canada in 2019; US edition 2021 by Princeton Architectural Press

In the purple-dark forest, a small troop of little gray rabbits is up to some decidedly mysterious business!  Off they march with plump orange backpacks, and down they scrabble into an underground workshop where they’re busy, busy, busy making….something.  What could it be?

As the moon rises, these guys venture out on the next phase of their secret mission — inviting one and all to a full moon celebration.

Everyone gathers at which time we get the big reveal!! The surprise these bunnies have been concocting! And what an enchanting surprise it is.

Gorgeous artwork from an Italian illustrator saturates these pages in dramatic color, delightful whimsy, and snug friendliness. It’s a mesmerizing story, and one that invites us to conjure up our own full moon parties.  What a good idea! A first-rate gem for ages 2 and up.

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