comforting stories for corona-times

Hello, Marmalade Friends!

It’s getting a little crazy out there, right? Routines have gone out the window.  Events long-anticipated are being canceled. Stores are completely sold out of TP! I mean — right there is where it gets real!

TP'd house

I bet we will not be seeing this prank any time soon!

Seriously, there is a stiff breeze of disquiet in the air around us, and even if we aren’t necessarily fearful about our own health, the general unease around the world can get under our skins and put us on edge.

And you know who picks up on that in a hot second? That’s right.  The young’uns.

jessie wilcox smith mother reading

I decided to comb through the Marmalade archives to find titles crammed with comfort, coziness, and happiness.
Settling in with a story that exudes love and reassurance can lower the anxiety levels of both kids and grown-up readers.
I’ve listed 20 of these warm-hearted reads in the hopes that you can easily locate at least a few of them if you like.

Click on any title to find my original, full review.

Picture books for all ages:

100 things that make me happy cover image

100 Things that Make Me Happy

All the World cover image

All the World

an evening at alfie's cover

An Evening at Alfie’s


Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat

because amelia smiled cover image

Because Amelia Smiled

Chirri & Chirra in the tall grass cover image

Chirri and Chirra in the Tall Grass

dogger cover image


a good night walk cover image

A Good Night Walk


A Hat for Mrs. Goldman

julia's house for lost creatures cover image

Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

layla's happiness cover

Layla’s Happiness


The Littlest Family’s Big Day


Miss Rumphius

mr. gumpy's outing cover

Mr Gumpy’s Outing

a sick day for amos mcgee cover image

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

the tea party in the woods cover image

The Tea Party in the Woods

what a wonderful world cover image

What a Wonderful World

windows cover image


you belong here cover image

You Belong Here

you hold me up cover image

You Hold Me Up

A Few Heartwarming Read-alouds

good night sleep tight cover

Good Night Sleep Tight: Eleven-and-a-Half Good Night Stories with Fox and Rabbit

the family under the bridge cover image

The Family Under the Bridge

world of pooh


kildee house cover

Kildee House

the year of billy miller cover image

The Year of Billy Miller

What are your most comforting story books?
We welcome your suggestions in the comments.

Warm wishes of peace and well-being to all of you in this unusual moment.