the big, green, animalicious book give-away!

Today I’m continuing the Earth Day love with
ten basic items for Earth-friendly living I love to use,
four websites for further browsing,
two swell book give-aways of
four cool animalicious books perfect for ages 2-6!

Moving towards a more sustainable, less wasteful, lifestyle is an important goal for me.

I’m highlighting these ten products  because I love them, they make me happy, and they are super easy changes to implement as you and your household go greener!

I’ve supplied Amazon or other website links for them all.

1. The Oh-She-Glows Cookbook

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.14.12 PM

Cutting back on meat consumption – especially beef – is the #1 thing most of us can do to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and it’s an easy, healthy, delicious, cost-savings make-over! You can start with even just one plant-based day per week.

The Oh-She-Glows cookbook is one of my favorites. As I am not vegan, I tend to alter some of her recipes, throwing in a splash of milk rather than making my own cashew cream, for example. But – yummmm! We have loved everything we’ve tried from this book!
The Oh She Glows Cookbook

Buy Oh She Glows from an Independent Bookseller.

2. Reusable grocery bags


This is such an easy step to take. Reusable bags are much nicer and more dependable than paper or plastic anyway. If you are using disposable bags at the grocery store, Target, the drug store – you could decide to just stop now 🙂

 My girls love Baggu bags because they’re well-designed, come in such stylish prints, are seriously strong, and easily stuff into a tiny carrying pouch. Keep one in a purse for any quick stop at a store. (Plus they’re having an Earth Day sale now!) I have collected a motley assortment of tote bags over the years. Honestly, my favorites are inexpensive ones I’ve bought at grocery stores in Europe, like this one:


They are incredibly sturdy! Reusable shopping bags are cheap and easy to find.

3. Reusable produce bags

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.13.10 PM

I also use lovely re-usable produce bags instead of unspooling the plastic bags from the grocery store. They make me so happy! This set comes in a nice variety of sizes, and they wash up in the machine like a dream.
Reusable Mesh/Produce Bags

4. Personal water bottle

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.12.39 PM

Get a good brand like they sell at REI, BPA-free, break-resistant, money-saving, and much, much better for the planet.

5. Personal thermos

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.12.01 PM

These are nicer to drink from than a paper cup, keep your coffee much hotter for hours and hours, and don’t wreck the planet. My favorite is this one from Hydroflask. I’ve never had a spill, and a variety of lid types are available. Just hand it to the barista, he’ll fill it up and likely give you a small discount. Win-win-win-win!

6. Silicone lids and bags

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.10.11 PM

I’ve been working to eliminate plastic wrap from my kitchen. These lids form a complete seal for refrigerating or freezing leftovers, and are heat-proof so they can double as lids on cooking pots or in the microwave. One pack has a variety of sizes. I use mine every day.
Silicone Bowl Lids
There are also silicone sandwich bags which I haven’t used but look mighty convenient and long-lasting.

7. Beeswrap

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.10.44 PM

Beeswrap sheets are infused with beeswax so with just the warmth of your hands, they can be shaped and melded together temporarily. Use it to wrap awkward things like a block of cheese or half a watermelon. The website says it lasts a year; mine have lasted much longer and they work great. I love them. A variety of sizes are available.

8. Microfiber mop

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.04.21 PM

I bought something like this about 10 years ago and have never had to replace the pads yet. Mine came with a fluffy one for dust mopping and gathering up dog hair! And a sturdy dense terry type for wet mopping. I love not throwing away Swiffer cloths and the yucky plastic buckets they come in. The pads come out of the washing machine beautifully, and the whole things is much easier to use than a flimsy Swiffer cloth anyway!
Microfiber Mop

9. Reusable coffee pods

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.06.42 PM

We don’t have a Keurig at home, but my office has one and I refuse to add to the horrendous numbers of tiny plastic coffee pods in our landfills and oceans. It is supremely easy and less expensive to scoop some of my favorite kind of coffee into one of these pods.
Reusable K Cups


10. Silpats

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.08.07 PM

Cooking spray is another one of the products I’m eliminating from my kitchen. These lovely Silpat sheets fit on my baking pans and allow me to skip greasing the pan or lining with parchment paper. They bake beautifully, and make me feel like I’m on the Great British Bake-Off where I first saw them 🙂

And here are a few web-sites for more green browsing:

  1. Calculating your own carbon footprint can show you the particular spots you might want to focus some attention, but it can be quite an involved process. This particular calculator is less demanding and my sources say it’s a good one.


2. I am always looking for more ways to reduce waste. Here are a couple of brilliant web-sites crammed with ideas for us all:
Trash is for Tossers

3. For readers with questions about climate change, I highly recommend following Katherine Hayhoe, one of the world’s top authorities on climate change, and an excellent communicator.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.26.17 PM

Her Global Weirding youtube channel is superb for middle-graders through adults.


I’ve got a beautiful bundle of books
especially well-suited to ages 2-6,
all courtesy of the wonderful folk at Kane Miller books,
and all created by the talented Clover Robin.


Across the Savannah and On the Mountain are gorgeous pop-up books! Meet lions and meerkats, bighorn sheep and bear cubs, and lots more beauties.


Boldly-colored, intricately articulated pieces unfold in ooh-ah splendor at every page turn.

birdhouse bug hotel cover images

Bug Hotel and Bird House are sturdy cardboard books for busy fingers with dozens of flaps to open as you discover butterflies and beetles, woodpeckers and doves, and their particular favorite places to live.

bug hotel2 by walden and robin

Four books crammed with fascinating facts and bursting with wow factor!
I’ll be sending the two pop-ups to one prize winner,
and the two lift-the-flap books to another winner.

Enter by commenting on which of my Earth-friendly suggestions looks most enticing OR tell us about something you do/use to live more sustainably.
Add to your entries by simply sharing any of this week’s posts on social media or by any more human way of communicating you choose! Tell me which posts you’ve shared, and I’ll add that many entries for you.

Drawings will take place on Sunday, April 28 and winners will be notified via Monday’s blog post, April 29.
U.S. postal addresses only. Sorry, dear international friends!

I’ll be back on Friday — Arbor Day! — with a forest of tree-ish titles!