Ski Soldier…A World War II biography

Looking for a short, intriguing read full of wintery, gutsy, glory?  This slim biography combines history, adventure, the Italian Alps, and the skiing wonderland of the Colorado Rockies. Check it out!

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Ski Soldier: A World War II Biography, by Louise Borden
published in 2018 by Calkins Creek, Highlights
158 pages + back matter

Peter Seibert grew up in the 1930s near Boston where he fell in love with skiing as just a small boy, dragging some old maple skis out to the family’s orchard where a bit of a slope enabled him to glide happily over glittering snow.

white mountains2

As he grew older, his skis improved and his skiing advanced.  Soon he was blasting fearlessly down the slopes of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

white mountains

How could he have foreseen that his prowess would enable him to fulfill a special combat duty in the U.S. Army’s Alpine Division during World War II? I did not even know we had one of these!

10th division alpine

Seibert’s story — his unquenchable love for skiing throughout his youth, and the monumentally treacherous assignment given to him and his fellow soldiers on skis — sparkles with energy, optimism, determination, and fierce perseverance.

tuckerman ravine

Following his military service, Seibert set about fulfilling his long dream of establishing a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains.  I’ll let you guess which iconic resort he founded!


Written in free verse, this is a fast, engaging read, perfect for reluctant readers — for kids who would rather be barreling down the mountain on their own skis, perfecting their ollies and butters, making slap shots at the rink, or in some other way maximizing motion. Accessible to ages 10 and up, it’s a fascinating read for adults as well. Hand it to WWII buffs, ski enthusiasts, or proud New Englanders.