2017 Orange Marmalade Non-Electronics Gift Guide: Outdoor Adventures Edition + Giveaway!!

It’s that time of year!

Time for Orange Marmalade to shout out once again:
Ditch electronic games as pastimes!
Choose juicy, imaginative, life-giving options for the kids on your gift lists!

Today —  gift ideas to woo kids right out the door.
More lists will come next week.

Darling Easy-On Stay-On Tiger Paw Mittens
No more wrestling with thumbs? No more falling off one minute later?
These sound like preschool gold!

 Jolly puddle stompers make rainy days a blast!

Smart Wool socks are the best for cozy toes!

I’m so excited to draw your attention to this Small Adventures Journal by Keiko Brodeur, chock full of prime ideas for exploring!
Take a peek inside it on her website here! (And prepare to want everything else you see as well!)

Keiko has thought of dozens of clever ways to increase keen observation, engagement of all our senses, and joy in the nature surrounding us, from photographing nature’s textures to making spore prints or recording and naming the colors of the sky. All illustrated in her extraordinarily fetching style!

It’s suitable for ages 6 and up I’d say, and not at all too young for teens (or adults for that matter who’d like encouragement to slow down and savor.) 

Keiko has graciously supplied me with a copy that I’d love to give away to one of you!
Enter by commenting — tell us one of your favorite outdoor spaces to visit.  Winner will be notified on the blog, December 4th.  U.S postal addresses only, please.



A bird feeder brings nature to you.
Our family has loved watching the birds outside our kitchen window.


 Double runner ice skates — so even the 2-year-old can stand up on the ice.
Strap ’em onto boots. This is how I remember beginning to skate in northern Minnesota. 

solar lantern
Both my son and husband have one of these super cool, solar-charged lanterns. Light as a feather. Perfect for backyard campouts or full-bore backpacking trips.

sleeping bag
Dream of camping trips or have a family sleep-over by the Christmas tree. REI’s Kindercone bags let you adjust the length of the bag as your child grows.

balance bike

Get the hang of balancing on two wheels, pedal-free. For kids who are raring to go by the time they’re just 18 months old, this sounds like a dream come true.

bike helmet

Don’t ride without a helmet. Don’t let your kids ride with a helmet. No joke. Giro makes great helmets for all sizes of people!

rocking hammock

This looks like a total blast! Follow the link to the website where you can watch it in motion. 

Swiss Army Knife

You do not even want to know at what age we gave our kids their first pocket knives.  How else do you sharpen your s’more stick??

yard dominoes

Made right here in Minneapolis, these giant dominoes look like so much fun to play with in the yard, at the beach, at a family reunion in the park!

Sidewalk Chalk

Do not forget the basics.  A tub of sidewalk chalk is Outdoor Fun 101. Gallons of potential, right there, and this variety will not roll away from you!

As always, an annual pass to state or national parks, arboretums, nature centers, zoos, and other outdoor spaces makes a great family gift.

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for that sweet adventure journal. 

Next week I’m back with a list of lovely winter-time picture books and 3 more lists of juicy, non-electronic gifts! Follow the blog in order to not miss a post — they’re delivered to your e-mail.