the gift guides are coming!

My annual non-electronic gift guides are idea-sparking resources for parents and grandparents…

…featuring gifts that inspire creativity, imagination, outdoor adventures, wonder, investigation.

Watch for the first one this Friday.
In tandem with REI’s awesome #OptOutside movement, that will be an Outdoor Adventures list.

Our family’s favorite memories are outdoor adventures.

This year I’ve got a couple great give-aways of items on my lists. The first one is in that Outdoor Adventures list, so don’t miss it!

Meanwhile, may I draw your attention to my new tip jar?

The thousands of hours I spend researching, reading, writing, editing Orange Marmalade are a labor of love.
The ads you see make revenue for WordPress, not for me.
In fact, it costs me to run my blog and as I consider upgrading for a better reader experience, those costs will rise.

All of that has led me to add a tip jar which you can see along the margin.
If you benefit from Orange Marmalade, you now have a way of making a donation.

My gift guides also have some Amazon affiliate links. I don’t usually add those to my posts, but if at this time of year you do some shopping at Amazon, linking through to their site from my list gives me a small dab back. Thanks to those who do!