time to get a baguette

Well, the election-season from Hades has finally ended. 


Hades and Persephone by the D’Aulaires

Yesterday, I felt emotionally wasted. Utterly dispirited by national and personal pain. I know many of you are in that same place. There are times when the thing to do is to cry, to vent, to sit still and reckon with a painful reality rather than shrug it off.  Then comes a time to figure out the next thing to do.


so tempting


As I’ve written before, in the midst of brokenness, turning away to plant goodness is how we make the world a better place

One of my ways of planting goodness is to offer up children’s literature. So today I bring you a dose of laughter. What a gift, laughter is. Fortifying, pain-relieving, stuff. Read a silly book aloud with someone you love. Maybe not today, but sooner than you might think .  And let some fresh air winkle into your heart.

nanettes-baguette-cover-imageNanette’s Baguette, written and illustrated by Mo Willems
published in 2016 by Hyperion Books for Children

You know you’re in good hands when Mo Willems revs up his creative juices and here he is, wildly departing from pigeons, piggies, and elephants to deliver a hilarious, tongue-tickling, escapade set in France.


Note that the characters are frogs. Bien sûr.

It’s a red letter day for Nanette because today is the first day that Nanette gets to get the baguette! She is all set! Never fret! She won’t forget that baguette, she eagerly promises.

And Nanette does not forget the baguette. Yet — she ends up full of regret!


Follow all the twists and turns that beset Nanette, plus! whet your appetite for a crusty, steaming, chewy baguette in this delectable tale. So entertaining!


Willems created the illustrations by building an elaborate set for Nanette. You can see some photos of his process on the back flap of the book. Thus, besides jollifying our lives via all the bounce and sproing of his characters, his sunny French village immerses us in charm quite literally. We feel quite transported into this 3-dimensional location.


Willems building his Nanette set.

And — Bonus Additional Good Thing — I imagine throngs of children will be inspired to create their own box villages after traipsing along with Nanette. Imagination fodder galore!

It is definitely time to wash the windows and let some sunshine in — pick up a copy of Mo’s latest and let the healing begin.