A Raymie winner

Raymie Nightingale cover imageAs a matter of fact, I think I was the winner of this latest contest — your comments about your best friends at age 10 were beautiful and unexpectedly moving. Thank you to those of you who wrote.

It intrigues me — how vividly we remember those early friendships. What lifelines they are at that awkward stage of childhood. How shaping they are. How we view them in retrospect. How many of them have lasted for decades despite the mobile nature of our culture. I found myself wanting to collect “my best friend” comments from more people!

A winner for the book was drawn this morning,and it’s Kellie! Congratulations! Write to me at jillswanson61@gmail.com and let me know how to ship that to you.

I do have another book to give away but as I’ve been on the road the bulk of the last couple of weeks, I’m not quite ready to do that. I’ll have that up soon — it’s for little ones ages 2-6.