a stunning album of the wonders of nature

natural world cover imageNatural World: A Visual Compendium of Wonders from Nature, by Amanda Wood and Mike Jolley, illustrated by Owen Davey
published in 2016 by Wide Eyed Editions

I love discovering sumptuous nonfiction books. The marriage of fascinating, well-written text with beautiful illustration work feeds the minds of young children straight on through to centenarians.

This stunning new title from Wide Eyed Books beckons us to wonderment, fans out for us the glories of the natural world.

natural world interior wood, jolley and davey

Gape over the massive skeleton of a grizzly bear, then flip a few pages and meet the microscopic tardigrade, also known as a water bear or a moss piglet! Think of that!

natural world interior3 wood, jolley, and davey

Investigate food chains and camouflage, eyes equipped for night vision and animals with spines. Explore all sorts of habitats. Survey different sorts of beaks, nests, seed dispersal systems, leaf shapes.

natural world interior4 wood, jolley, and davey

Small, well-organized segments of text fit amongst pages mainly devoted to extraordinarily handsome illustration work, stylish design, a muted, natural palette. I appreciate the respect for the reader inherent in all the choices made in this book’s production. There is no talking down here.

natural world interior2 wood, jolley, and davey

In a note to readers, the editor Jenny Broom exclaims over the power of curiosity. “The more we explore the natural world, the more we uncover its boggling complexity. And the more we strive to comprehend the workings of nature, the more we see the interconnectedness between creatures and the environments they inhabit. The natural world is inextricably linked.”

Absolutely true. Turn your kids’ curious minds towards a love and appreciation for the diversity, beauty, uncanniness, of the Earth and raise up a generation of caretakers for this good planet.

natural world interior5 wood, jolley, and davey

And an added bonus! If you purchase the book, the jacket unfolds to reveal a huge wall poster of all manner of creatures!