a gorgeous new fairy story (with gobs of goblins!)

imelda and the goblin king cover imageImelda & the Goblin King, written and illustrated by Briony May Smith
published in 2015 by Flying Eye Books

Stunning new picture book alert!

Briony May Smith’s brilliant colors, outlandish creatures, and splendiferous scenes will knock your socks off!


And her fanciful tale will cheer you. Young Imelda  lives near a wood fairly bursting with fairy-folk who welcome her into their midst for high revelry. With all that fol-de-rol, one would think there was no cloud in sight.

imelda and the goblin king interior2 briony may smith

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imelda and the goblin king interior briony may smith

the brutish Goblin King with his sneery and very-toothy mouth appears. What a menacing figure!

imelda and the goblin king illustration briony may smith

The fairy queen thinks that showering him with kindness might sweeten him up. Instead, that dark-hearted fiend hauls her off and locks her in a cage!

It’s Imelda and the rest of the fairy kingdom to the rescue! With aimelda and the goblin king detail briony may smith very tricksy pie. And an acute lesson in greediness!

Shocking in all the best fairytale-esque ways, and deliriously happy as well, this is a gem for Brave Children ages 4 and up.