a book is a book

Here’s a little treasure I’ve fallen in love with lately:

a book is a book cover image

A Book is a Book, by Jenny Bornholdt, illustrated by Sarah Wilkins
first published in 2013 by Gecko Press and Whitireia

Coming out of New Zealand, this paean to the joys of books will charm your socks off. It’s simply a collection of nonchalant musings about books, accompanied by sunny illustrations. 

a book is a book illustration2 sarah wilkins

Childlike philosophizing and instructions ramble about the pages. There’s advice:

a book is a book illustration sarah wilkins

You can read in the bath but you mustn’t drop your book.

And helpful explanations:

a book is a book illustration4 sarah wilkins

Some books are small because some writers are very tired.

The whimsical, scattered thoughts, and the book’s small dimensions, remind me very much of Ruth Krauss’s classic, A Hole is to Dig

a book is a book illustration3 sarah wilkins

It suits ages 3-93. If you’re looking for a smart gift for a book-lover, check it out.