just the facts, ma’am

the wacky & wonderful world through numbers cover imageThe Wacky & Wonderful World Through Numbers, written by Steve Martin, Clive Gifford, and Marianne Taylor
illustrated by Andrew Pinder
first published in Great Britain 2013; first U.S. edition 2015 by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

Okay: What are the dimensions of a cube that you could make by putting together all the gold that has been discovered in the world?

GoldPanOnBank from twinrivernh dot com

Not sure? Try this:

What percent of a whale’s milk is made up of fat?


Or this:

How many pounds of beef went into Lady Gaga’s famous meat frock?


Care for history?

In miles per hour, what was the speed at which two jousting knights clashed?

die cut scrap of medieval knights jousting

Yes, all this and a few thousand more fascinating facts and figures can be at your fingertips in this one snazzy volume! Bright,stylishly illustrated pages will scoop you into categories from Ancient Rome to Circus Feats, Super Sports to Making Music. (Please note that my blog illustrations are not from the book.)

Give it to your middle-grade fact hounds to gobble up. Take it on a long car ride and have a blast quizzing one another. It’s a super fun way to occupy down-time for folks ages 9 to Grandpa. 128 pages.