imagination, kindness, and a clear conscience

I’ve got three gems today, and then I’m checking out for awhile. On my way to Scandinavia for a few weeks!!

This is Sadie, by Sara O’Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad
published in 2015 by Tundra Books

this is sadie cover image

This author-illustrator team from Canada creates quiet beauty with every collaboration. I am over the moon with this latest story of dear little Sadie and her splendid imagination.

this is sadie o'leary and morstad interior

Meet her in this charming book, swimming in the freshness of simplicity, the elegance of innocence, the expansiveness of imagination. 

this is sadie illustration julie morstad

Everything you want to express about children engaged in real play is here, in brief, pleasant lines, and delicious illustrations. Ages 2 and up.

The Kind-hearted Monster: Two Classic Stories written and illustrated by Max Velthuijs
first published in Switzerland in 1973; this edition published in 2015 by NorthSouth Books

the kindhearted monster cover image

Max Velthuijs was one of the Netherland’s most illustrious children’s illustrators and if you have never met his work, just take a peek at this re-issued set of monstrously-wonderful stories. You’ll understand the love in about a second.


                                                          (sorry for the poor quality of this image)

You see, the illustrations do not reside on the pages! They burst out of them! They reach out and grab you and pull you, quite happily, right into the story! So bold and disarming and magnificent!

the kind hearted monster illustration velthuijs

Mervyn is a kind-hearted monster who is initially feared by the townspeople. Watch how misperceptions are set aright, and how peace and kindness win out over violence and fear. Rugged, rambunctious action full of tenderhearted kindness. A complete delight for ages 4 and up.

The Golden Plate, written and illustrated by Bernadette Watts
published in 2014 by NorthSouth Books

the golden plate cover image

And now — one of the loveliest of British illustrators with a new treat for us.

Bernadette Watts is known for her fairy tale illustrations and she brings the same qualities of delicacy and warmth, charm and softness, to this thoughtful story of wrongdoing and restoration.

the golden plate illustration detail bernadette watts

Isobel and Elisabeth are close friends. Both have doll’s houses, but Elisabeth’s is ever so much grander than Isobel’s. 

One day as Isobel plays with Elisabeth’s dolls, a worm of envy creeps into her heart. A tiny golden plate decorating the dolls’ kitchen shines so temptingly, and in a wink, Isobel slips it into her pocket. 

the golden plate illustration detail2 bernadette watts

Such a bitsy thing, yet it weighs on Isobel like a rhinoceros necklace. Read her story, watch her regain her footing and soak up the joy of a clear conscience and a loving friend. Ages 4 and up.

Hope you find your way to all three of these gems!