especially for parents who’ve wished and waited

wish cover image matthew cordellWish, written and illustrated by Matthew Cordell
published in 2015 by Disney Hyperion

As if I needed one more reason to love Matthew Cordell.

I thought hello! hello! was enough to seal my undying admiration, but now he brings us this — this beautiful, heartfelt expression of deep longing and unbridled joy that touches on such a tender subject —

 –waiting for a child.

wish illustration2 matthew cordellCordell can only capture that flutter of hopefulness and anticipation, that surge of expectancy, and then the horizonless sense of unfulfilled longing, the carrying on in heartsore, yet loving camaraderie and the seismic tidal wave of wonder and joy that comes when a long-awaited child has arrived, because he is writing from experience.

His ability to translate this emotional roller coaster into an honest, yet sunny, picture book is brilliant.

Its nursery-colored, pastel confetti, pleasing tiny elephants, gallons wish illustration matthew cordellof white space, and minimal text keep it light enough to share with beloved children, ages 2 and up. Yet the emotional journey is there for parents and grandparents to treasure; maybe cry about even.

I think it would make a thoughtful gift for someone who, as Cordell says in his dedication, “knows, has known, or will know the joy that follows the difficulties that come when we wish.”

If youhello hello cover image matthew cordell know someone like that, or are someone like that, then take a peek at this lovely book.

And if you’ve somehow missed hello! hello!, do check it out!