Jan Ormerod’s classic baby books

to-baby-with-love-cover-image1Jan Ormerod’s baby books are right up on top of my list of favorites for the youngest book readers. And their moms, dads, big sisters and brothers, grandparents, babysitters…

Her ability to draw believable, wonderfully-natural human figures in almost a sketchbook style, yet in such an appealing, child-friendly way, is the first thing you might notice. This woman has been observing real life.

jan ormerod sunshine

This could be your family. Mom isn’t a fashionista. Dad isn’t a professional hipster. The kids aren’t dressed in Baby Gap.

jan ormerod illustration2

jan ormerod mama's day illustration

The other magical quality to her work is how she elevates the mundane, the truly simple world of egg cartons and tupperware lids and saucepans. She focuses her lens on the wonder and quiet happiness of investigating the world at a baby’s level.

jan ormerod illustration1

No bells and whistles. No razzamatazz. Just electric discovery. Peace. Understanding. Figuring it out on the fly. This is the way we nurture real children.

101 things to do with a baby cover image

Her 100 Things to do with a Baby is a well-known classic.

101 things to do with a baby jan ormerod interior

But her series of books featuring one little baby with his Dad (Dad’s Back, Messy Baby, Reading, Sleeping) and his Mom (Mom’s Home, Making Friends, Bend and Stretch, This Little Nose) are some of my most-loved books. Our copies are utterly worn to the nubbins.

Here are a few peeks:



jan ormerod reading cover image

…features Dad and his attempts to read while minding the baby.

jan ormerod illustration reading

Bend and Stretch…

bend and stretch cover image 001

…is a glimpse of the baby joining Mom’s yoga workout.

bend and stretch jan ormerod interior 001

This Little Nose…

this little nose cover image 001

… showcases a pitiful little guy with a cold and Mom’s tenderness.

this little nose jan ormerod interior 001

The Saucepan Game focuses on all the jolly things one can do with a saucepan.


These books are harder to come by, but truly worth seeking out. Look her up in your local library or used book store and see what you can find. I think you will love her, too đŸ™‚