poetry friday

by Helen Wing

from shewalkssoftly dot files dot wordpress dot comWe had a Goblin party on the night of Hallowe’en
And all the children on our street were there.
And it was dark inside our house with only candlelight
And Jack-o’-lanterns standing by the stair.

There was a big enormous ghost that walked around the room
(The ghost was really Father in a sheet)
And he made moans and shook his head, but no one was afraid!
Because he gave them lollipops to eat.

I dressed up like a goblin in a last-year’s Brownie suit;
(I made myself a tail that I could wag);
And Mary Ann rode on a broom and was a kind of witch
Who kept her magic secrets in a bag.

bobbing for apples by francis tipton hunterWe bobbed for apples in a tub and caught them in our teeth
But I got water in my nose and eyes,
So I was glad when Mother called us to the dining room
For that was where we found the big surprise.

The table was more fancy than I’d ever seen before;halloween_retro_vintage_childrens_costume_party_postcard-ra5ee2d9c4ac84efe89d6109b186bdb69_vgbaq_8byvr_512
I couldn’t tell what thing I like the most,
The doughnuts or the pumpkin pie, the cider or ice cream,
All served to us by Mother and the Ghost.

When there was nothing left but crumbs, the children had to go,
‘Cause it was past their time to go to bed;
Then everybody thanked us for the party, and they wished
That Hallowe’en came every week, they said.