summertime book of the week…a yearful of charming critters from a talented Minnesota designer

adventures with barefoot critters cover imageAdventures with Barefoot Critters: An ABC Book by Teagan White
published in 2014 by Tundra Books

Charming squirrels, foxes, deer and mice, skate, garden, swim, picnic, rake leaves and toast marshmallows as they amble through an entire year in this adorable new alphabet book.

Each pleasant scene, in natural-woodsy colors, carries enormous appeal for small lap-sitters as well as adult readers.  Everyone is friendly. The idyllic days lilt along with lovely creativity, freedom, camaraderie, and oodles of outdoor play.adventures with barefoot critters illustration teagan white Teagan White has succeeded in creating a world that’s cute, yet mellow rather than saccharine, and I bet a lot of you would like her prints for your nursery walls.

I first saw Teagan’s work when I visited the Annual MCAD Art Sale — a cheek-to-jowl affair when the Minneapolis College of Art and Design throws open its doors for seemingly all of Minneapolis to swarm in and purchase some great, original art. She graduated from MCAD in 2012, I understand. Her gorgeous designs, with a bit of Arts and Crafts feel to them, full of intricacy and tinged with nostalgia, leapt out from among other work at the fair, and I was smitten. Just take a look at her gorgeous flora and fauna prints:

early harvest by teagan white

great horned owl by teagan white

So, when I saw she’d had her first book published, I thought I would introduce her art to all of you.

adventures with barefoot critters illustration2 teagan whiteYou should definitely visit Teagan’s website, here. She has a line of textiles as teagan white textileswell that look stunning, and she’s producing an unbelievable array of art altogether. I’m not sure when she sleeps.

Adventures with Barefoot Critters is suited to little shavers, ages 18 months and up. Plus, if you purchase the book, there’s a jolly poster on the under side of the bookcover!

Best of luck, Teagan!