summertime book of the week…of blunders, boats and bears

three bears in a boat cover imageThree Bears in a Boat, written and illustrated by David Soman
published in 2014 by Dial Books for Young Readers

Dash, Charlie and Theo are three busy little bears whose appetite for honey gets them into a peck of trouble at the outset of this delicious tale of adventure.

Climbing up to where they don’t belong in search of a smackerel, they break a precious, sapphire-blue shell of their mother’s and, not wanting to vex Mama Bear, set off  to sea hoping to fix three bears in a boat illustration3 david somanmatters themselves.

Things do not, of course, go exactly as planned. Many leagues of sailing, searching, and stormy weather later, three sorry little bears return home to face the music. And just what tune will Mama sing? 

David Soman’s story is full of classic adventure ingredients  — salty characters, danger, a quest, and a satisfying ending both sweet and Beatrix Potter-esque in its no-nonsense consequences. This feels like a story to read again and again, exciting and comforting and just a titch sobering for ages 4 and older. 

three bears in a boat illustration david soman

It’s a beautiful book as well, with spectacular spreads of sparkling ocean vistas and ginormous blue whales, as well as three chubby, spirited bears and their gracious, wise, loving mama. Check this one out — I think your kids will love it.