step right up for prizes in these summer reading programs

reading underwaterSummertime Reading Challenges are popping up all over. I wanted to be sure you knew what’s available for your kids.

While true bookworms need no incentive to read, it’s awfully nice to be rewarded for doing what you love! Less enthusiastic readers may find these challenges the perfect motivation for adding reading to their summer activity list.

The first place to check is your local library. Most of them haveread in a tent special summer activities and contests going. For those of you in the Twin Cities, here are links to our two major branches:

Hennepin County has Bookawocky going on this summer. Every summer they give away lots of books, and my kids have had great luck winning them.
Ramsey County is also calling this summer’s programming Bookawocky. Hmmmm. Is there something I don’t know here? Lots of prizes anyway!

Nationwide, there are many exciting summer reading challenges. Here are a bunch I’ve found which are all free to enter:

Pascaline-Mitaranga-hammock-illustrationScholastic Summer Reading Challenge Join Reading Under the Stars to help set a World Record and win prizes!

Barnes and Noble  — The Imagination Destination challenge is for kids through Grade 6. Read  8 books, and win one free book. My kids enjoyed this contest during a number of summers.

Half Price Books — In their Feed Your Brain contest, kids ages 14 and under log 300 reading minutes in order to win Half Price Books Bucks.

Pottery Barn Kids — This looks like a reading-to-your-child contest to me. Read 8 books off their book list, and win  a free book. The books are all picture books geared to ages 5 and down, so despite their directions, I don’t think many independent readers are going to tackle these titles.

Sylvan  — Book Adventure for grades K-8 involves reading books, taking little online quizzes, and winning prizes.

Pizza Hut — Their Book It! contest involves reading five books to win a prize, but there are frog readingother ways to win prizes, too. Not sure what the age limits are for this one.

Sorry — I don’t know of any worldwide contests! Do the bookstores and libraries in other countries run these contests as well? Tell us what’s happening in your neck of the woods, and happy summertime reading! Hope you win something extra snazzy!