poetry friday…forest has a song

moss covered ground Moss
by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

Barefoot on this emerald carpet
toe-by-toe I squish across.
I softly sink in velvet green.
Oh how I wish for socks of moss.

Look for more of Amy’s lighthearted poems celebrating the birds and brambles, maples and mushrooms of the forest in this book:

forest has a song cover image

Wisps of imaginative poetry that span a yearful of seasons are paired with Robbin Gourley’s richly colored, lovely watercolors. The artwork is just so evocative and inviting.

forest has a song vanderwater and gourley

Share these with preschoolers and up, and catch the romance of the forest.

Forest Has a Song, poetry by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, illustrated by Robbin Gourley
published in 2013 by Clarion Books