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the long long journey cover imageThe Long, Long Journey: The Godwit’s Amazing Migration, by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Mia Posada
published in 2013 by Millbrook Press

A bar-tailed godwit is a long-legged wading bird.

Godwit chicks hatch out in June when the welcome sunshine spills over the Arctic landscapes of Alaska. The downy chicks grow strong very quickly as they gobble insects and clams and practice their flying.

It’s essential that these birds get plenty to eat and become mighty bar_tailed_godwit_03_by_nordfold-d4lse2eindependent, because the young birds are about to undertake a herculean journey. Without their parents to guide them, they fly straight through for eight days and nights, migrating 7,200 miles, to the estuaries of New Zealand.


Sandra Markle describes these remarkable birds in engaging text suited to early elementary children and up, then adds some quick facts and plenty of resources to learn more. 

Mia Posada’s paper collages are full of gorgeous textures, and seaside colors, and personality. 


The return migration to Alaska from New Zealand has likely just taken place. It’s a great time to read about this record-breaking long-distance traveler.