poetry friday

Kite Tails
by Rose Waldo


peter pan flying a kite by arthur rackhamMy kite grabbed on a gusty gale
And took a wild and windy sail.

I held on tight while it flew far
To where the elves and fairies are.

And when I drew it back to me
It told of things I’d like to see;

And if you’ll listen I’ll tell you
A tale my kite told, maybe two.

Why, one time pussy-willows were
The baby fairies’ coats of fur;

pussywillow by mili weberAnd there’s a fairy wishing well
Hid in the ferns of Dingle Dell;

And what you wish in it comes true,
I wish that I could wish a few.

I’d wish as sure as anything
That all the year were made of spring.

Then I could sail my kite away
For fairy secrets every day.

c1905 Children in the Garden from vintagefieldandgarden dot com