spotlight on…what is part book and part guessing game?


What is part BUZZ and part STING?

what is part this part that illustration tom slaughter 001

A bee.

And what is part STOP and part GO?

what is part this part that illus2 tom slaughter 001

Riding in traffic. To be sure!

This book, bright as a new pack of crayons, is loaded with intriguing little riddles like these, and illustrated in striking designs by Tom Slaughter, Printwhose prints hang in MOMA.  Some pages have flaps to lift or pages to unfold to reveal the answers — added zip to an outstanding book for the youngest of readers.

At the end, there’s a page of additional riddles for you to puzzle over together — no answers provided. And actually, some of them require quite a bit of creative thinking!

Wouldn’t this make a jolly birthday present for someone turning One or Two?

What is Part This, Part That?, by Harriet Ziefert, illustrations by Tom Slaughter
published 2013 by Blue Apple Books