neanderthals and book blogs are a dicey mix

While I’ve been watching the Olympics — I admit, I am an Olympics addict — I’ve been picking away at overhauling the indexes on this blog.

As you all know, I am a techno-neanderthal.Neanderthal_Man_from telegraph dot co dot uk
Thus, the links have been increasingly messed up! I am feeling quite pleased that I finally figured out how to re-do them.

So –there are over 1,000 book reviews in the Reading from illustration-art-solutions dot comMarmalade Archives right now! So many wonderful books tucked in there! I want to make it easier for people to find these titles. To that end:

I changed the categories in the Subject Index to break things down a bit more. That index is all linked. For those of you searching for books on a particular topic, I hope this is more helpful.

I separated out Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books, woman-filing from allpostersimages dot complus the more Middle-Grade-ish Novels in the Title Index. That index is not linked yet…it may never be! Search for the review by entering the title or author in the Search Box on the main page.

I put the Lists of Five in their own index, and they are all linked. These are, in essence, mini-subjects for all those lovely picture books.

from lechatyouknow dot files dot wordpress dot comThanks to all who visit Orange Marmalade and spread the word about good books. When I feel crazy for doing this, one of you tells me how helpful it is to you or your family, and I am encouraged to press on!