fiction favorites…Freddy the Detective

freddy the detective cover imageFreddy the Detective, by Walter R. Brooks, illustrated by Kurt Wiese

As [Jinx] came close to them, the ducks saw him gather himself together, then spring clean over the bushes. There was a commotion among the leaves, a snarl, a shrill squeal of fright, and out into the open dashed Freddy with Jinx on his back. The cat was cuffing the pig soundly about the head, but as they came near the ducks, he jumped down, and Freddy stopped, shook himself, and looked about him ruefully.
“You didn’t have to be so rough, Jinx,” he complained. “I wasn’t doing any harm.”freddy the detective illustration kurt wiese
“You scared Alice, here, into a faint,” said the cat angrily. “What on earth were you trying to do?”
“I’m sorry, Alice,” said Freddy. “I really didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t think you saw me. I was just shadowing you.”
“Shadowing!” said Jinx. “What’s that?”
“Oh,” said Freddy importantly, “it’s a term used by detectives. It means following you to see what you’re up to. I’m going to be a detective, and I was practicing.”

Do you know Freddy the Pig? This amiable, clever-as-Jeeves character, created by Walter R. Brooks, stars in 26 adventures which were originally published between 1927 and 1958.  The books are back in print, and it’s a delightful series for elementary readers.

Freddy and his fellow animals at Mr. Bean’s farm are a smart, chatty lot. In this story, the third of the freddy the detective series illustration kurt wieseseries, Freddy has been reading a bit of Sherlock Holmes and fancies going into the detective business himself.

Happily — or unhappily depending on how you look at it — there’s a job  requiring a sleuth right now on the Bean farm. It seems that little Everett’s toy train has gone missing during the night.  Freddy hops right on it, visiting the scene of the crime, gathering clues, and tracking down the nasty, whiskery,  gang of thieves. Oh, they’re an impertinent, rascally bunch, and they give Freddy quite the run for his money.

While Freddy is working on the Disappearing Train case, several other mysteries emerge to be solved such as where Prinny the dog’s dinner has gone, and why a couple of shady characters are holed up in the hermit’s cabin.

Freddy requires the help of several of his friends, including Jinx the cat, and Mrs. Wiggins the cow, to tie up all these crimes and criminals, but in the end he can cheerfully sing:

O, I am the King of Detectives,
And when I am out on the trail
All the animal criminals tremble,
And the criminal animals quail,
For they know that I’ll trace ’em and chase ’em and place ’em
Behind the strong bars of the jail.

freddy goes to florida cover imageIf you’re looking for a read-aloud for a wide age range, or reading material for the 8-12 year old

Apparently Freddy speaks German, too. Some pig!

Apparently Freddy speaks German, too. Some pig!

crowd, dip into a Freddy book.  Freddy Goes to Florida is first in the series. We listened to many of these on tape during long car rides and my kids, like so many others, fell in love with Freddy. The talented Kurt Wiese illustrated these with plentiful black ink drawings.