summertime book of the week…one lump or two?

tea rex cover imageTea Rex, written and illustrated by Molly Idle

The table is set with dainty china cups on a whisper-pink tablecloth, a vase of charming pink flowers serving as centerpiece. Demure, burgundy-velvet chairs await the guests. Our hostess, Cordelia, istea rex illustration molly idle ravishing in her elegant white gown, powder blue cape, and  ginormous hat of satin roses which engulfs her perfectly curled hair.

Who is coming to tea?

One little boy, in a smart, blue suit.
One teddy bear, with a matching  bowtie.

…a dinosaur. Mr. Tea Rex, to be precise.

When you are the hostess at an afternoon tea, it is very, very important to know your etiquette and use your nicest manners to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves.

And that’s just what our fabulous, exceptionally-plucky hostess does during this challenging tea party with such antea rex illustration2 molly idle unusually large, unusually vigorous, unusually exhausting guest!

By the end of the affair, Cordelia and her parlor are quite a disheveled mess, but the key question is: did Mr. Tea Rex enjoy himself? Will he return the invitation? That’s the sign of a successful tea, to be sure!

Molly Idle’s humorous take on tea parties features text that plays the straightman — all proper, calm, explanations of well-heeled tea parties — and illustrations full of buffoonery, which will tickle the funny bones of young children immensely. Her gallant heroine stays the course despite having such an awkward guest, and we love

An excellent author blurb photo of Molly Idle is a bonus!

An excellent author blurb photo of Molly Idle is a bonus!

her for it. 

The lovely, funny illustrations are done in creamy, colored pencil and are at once full of prim pinks and Victorian details, and bursting with hullabaloo and consternation and bull-in-a-china-shop disaster. 

An absolutely delightful story to share with young children, ages 4 or 5 and up, while taking tea and chocolate biscuits together.

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Tea Rex