nonfiction nuggets…the woman who opened library doors to children

miss moore thought otherwise cover imageMiss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children, by Jan Pinborough, illustrated by Debby Atwell

Anne Carroll Moore was born into a large family in Maine in 1871. She had a happy childhood, including a father who read to her daily, but her life took on sorrow miss moore thought otherwise illustration debby atwellwhen she was 20, with the deaths of both her parents in just a few days time. Her thirst for education remained strong through some difficult years and social constraints, however, and eventually she received training as a librarian.

Anne’s first job was to organize a children’s room at a small library, which was an entirely newfangled notion. Children in a library?! Making noise?! Being a nuisance?! Damaging the books?!

Anne did her research thoroughly and her new children’s room miss moore thought otherwise cover image2was a huge success. So much so, that she was put in charge of all the children’s rooms in all the branches of the New York City public libraries. In this position, Anne revolutionized the experience of children and books, not only in New York, but across America and around the world.

This loving, fascinating biography of Anne Carroll Moore will warm your heart  if you have any attachment whatsoever to children’s literature. What a marvelous gift she was to all of us, and I had never heard of her. A delightful woman to meet in these joyous pages.

Debby Atwell’s acrylic illustrations burst with the same vivid color and bustle and creativity and friendly charm that Miss Moore must have had coursing through her veins. Truly delightful.

Also included are the author’s notes about other “trailblazing librarians,” further information on Anne Carroll

Anne Carroll Moore

Anne Carroll Moore

Moore, a couple beautiful, historical photographs of her, and a list of sources.

Brand new this year, this fresh, inspiring biography is perfect for ages 5 to 100. I loved it!

Here’s the Amazon link:  Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children