fiction favorites…Brixton Brothers: The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity

the case of the case of mistaken identity cover imageThe Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity, by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Adam Rex

The Bailey Brothers, of course, were the sons of world-famous detective Harris Bailey. They helped their dad solve his toughest cases, and they had all sorts of dangerous adventures, and these adventures were the subject of the fifty-eight shiny red volumes that made up the Bailey Brothers Mysteries…
Steve had already read all the Bailey Brothers books. Most of them he had read twice.brixton brothers illustration adam rex A few he’d read three times. His favorite Bailey Brothers mystery was whichever one he was reading at the time. That meant that right now, as Steve lay on his lumpy bed, his favorite book was Bailey Brothers #13: The Mystery of the Hidden Secret…which ended like this:
“Jumping jackals!” dark-haired Shawn exclaimed, pointing to the back wall of the dusty old parlor. “Look, Kevin! That bookcase looks newer than the rest!”
“General George Washington!” his blond older brother cried out. “I think you’re right!”

Steve Brixton, twelve years old, is a colossal fan of the Bailey Brothers mystery series and the case of the case of mistaken identity illustration2 adam rexis determined to follow in their footsteps as an ace detective. He’s even got his very own, genuine, Bailey Brothers detective license (costing twelve cereal box tops plus $1.95 for shipping and handling.)

When Steve heads down to the library to research an ordinary school paper, however, he is abruptly swept up in a mysterious adventure beyond his wildest imagination. Secret agents, worldwide espionage rings, midnight prowlings, danger, captivity, and an epic criminal mastermind to foil — all this implodes upon him and his chum, Dana.

Will Steve and Dana dodge the bad guys, crack the codes, and solve the mystery involving a prized national secret?! That’s the thrilling story in this book!

This is the first in a jeepers-creepers-terrific series by Mac Barnett loaded with the case of the case of mistaken identity illustration adam rexhilarious, over-the-top crime solving, courtesy of Steve and Dana. It’s a delightful spoof on the Hardy Boys, a fast-paced mystery/adventure, with a lovable, earnest hero. Fantastic read for anyone in the 3rd to 7th grade age range, with great appeal for boys (of course) and a title to keep in mind for reluctant readers over the summer.

There are 3 more Brixton Brothers adventures already, so you can dive right into a sequel if you like.

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The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (Brixton Brothers)