poetry friday

Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles, by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

ferdinand illustration2 robert lawsonImagine a castle
without any towers,
or a thundercloud bursting
without any showers.
Now imagine a bull
who loved only flowers.

One day he went wild.
(The cause: a bee sting!)
So they brought him to fight
ferdinand illustration robert lawsonmatadors in the ring.
Instead he sat smelling
the flowers of spring.

You can’t make a bull
always follow the herd.
The very idea is
completely absurd.

For kids who have been introduced to many of the classics of children’s literature, this poetry/riddle book will be sweet as the honey in Pooh Bear’s pot!

spot the plot cover imageThirteen, greatly-varied riddles with snippets of  plot hidden in them, lead us to guess the 13 stories they hint at.  Wonderful books, from Madeline to Charlotte’s Web, are featured.  In the end, a stack of books with titles, authors, and illustrators reveal the answers to all the riddles.  Extremely clever verse from J. Patrick Lewis, Children’s Poet Laureate, enables very young spot the plot illustration lynn munsingerchildren to exult in their ability to guess the answer.

Lynn Munsinger’s colorful, charming illustrations make each page like a sunny day and supply cunning clues for the riddle-solvers.

Jolly good fun!

Here’s an Amazon link:  Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles