poetry friday

animals merry christmas illustation richard scarry - CopyMouse Christmas
by Kathryn Jackson
illustrations by Richard Scarry

Oh, the wonderful bits
That folks drop as they go,
Cooking and baking
And hurrying so!
Citron and raisins
And powdery spice,
Sugar and currents —
It’s nice to be mice
In this big busy house
With Christmas ahead!

animals merry christmas illustation richard scarryWe find tinsel and ribbon
To hide in our bed,
And shavings of chocolate,
And the sugary rind
Of sweet spicy orange.
And sometimes we find
Crisp peppermint chips
All striped red and white,
And ginger snap crumbles —
A wonderful sight!

We’ll fill up our stockings,
When Christmas Eve comes,
With the savory bits
And the wonderful crumbs;
animals' merry christmas illustration richard scarry 001Citron and raisins
And sugar and spice —
Oh, just before Christmas
It’s NICE to be mice!

This poem is from The Animals’ Merry Christmas — a childhood favorite of mine!  It’s a the animals' merry christmas cover imagecollection of 21 stories by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Richard Scarry, first published in 1950.  Here’s an Amazon link:The Animals’ Merry Christmas (Little Golden Books (Random House))