and now a word from your delinquent blogger!

Greetings, Orange Marmalade readers, and my apologies for falling off the face of the earth!  I’ve been luxuriating in summer and family, and just now am embarking on a bit of a vagabond adventure with my 16-year-old.  With the 3 older kids all away from home this year, she and I decided to spend the first couple months of the school year abandoning traditional structure and seeing the West Coast.

We’re spending the first weeks of September up on Lake Vermilion, one of the most gorgeous lakes on earth I must say, at our cabin – perched atop a large rocky outcropping looking at vast expanses of shimmering water and small, forested islands, without television or Internet, entertained by bald eagles and osprey and the music of quavering loons and breezes ruffling millions of leaves.  There aren’t even any roads here – we have to putt over in the fishing boat.  In this supreme quietness and beauty, we’re getting started on the year’s schoolwork, sketching, painting, reading, kayaking…all quite lovely.

Next up is a 5-week road trip all down the West Coast.  We’re packing our tent, some serious walking shoes and hiking boots, a lot of books and art supplies, and driving west to see Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, L.A., and the wildly-beautiful regions all around these cool cities.  We are thankful for families along the way whom we don’t even know, but who have offered to let us stay in their homes; we are looking forward to the beauty of new friendships made along the way, as well.

That said, my blogging is going to be at a minimum these weeks.  I’ll have limited Internet access all along the trip.  I can put up an occasional blog, but the pictures I love to add in will probably not be possible, so do forgive the bland appearance of things.  Meanwhile, I’m hoping to get some reading done on some longer titles for the older kids on the Orange Marmalade spectrum which I’ll review later this fall when we’re back settled in at home.  Hoping also to look for some Canadian titles while I’m up in Vancouver if I can find my way to some bookstores there, and other regional titles as well.  We’ll see what I find!

I’ll have a post up later this week on a great new (2011) fantasy read-aloud by Katherine and John Paterson, so look for that.  Thanks so much for your patience and blog-friendship.