poetry friday

by Bobbi Katz

March is
when a cheerleader
no longer
inside your chest
because the forecast is
March is
when your hands begin to dream:
one hand dreams
about being a fist
into the soft leather cup
of a baseball mitt;
two palms dream
about closing around a wooden bat;
and ten fingers dream
about the pull of the wind
as it catches a kite
and carries it high in the sky
and even higher!


This poem is one of twelve in Once Around the Sun, written by Bobbi Katz and illustrated by LeUyen Pham.  It’s a lovely collection!  Each month is captured, spot-on, with an imaginative poem celebrating its unique place in the year.  Each poem is child-friendly, singing with the beauty of words and syllables and sounds and images.  LeUyen Pham, a brilliant, award-winning illustrator, has flooded these pages with bright, seasonal colors; warm comforts; jubilant, multicultural faces;delicious life.  Check it out for preschoolers through elementary students.

Here’s an Amazon link:Once Around the Sun