poetry friday

by Mary Richardson

Reginald-James has lots of toys —
Trains that run on a track,
Automobiles, and an elephant
With a little house on his back!


His sister, Marjorie-Eleanor,
Has a doll that really talks,
A doll-house with lights an’ everything,
And a lion that roars and walks!


But they can’t seem to think up make-believes,
When they come to spend the day;
They just stand around and look at us —
They don’t know how to play!


They never made acorn saucers and cups,
Or a boat from a walnut shell;
They never dressed up a peanut-doll
In a hat of a lily bell.


They don’t know how to build a dam,
Or climb a rope, hand over hand;
And the willow whistles Billy cuts —
They thought them perfectly grand!


So when they’re tired of winding trains
And hearing the lion roar —
Well, I feel sorry for Reginald-James,
And Marjorie-Eleanor.