non-fiction nuggets…ships are cool!

Ships Up Close, by Andra Serlin Abramson

Massive cargo ships carrying tons of cars.  High-tech Coast Guard boats scanning the water for suspicious vessels.  Racing yachts, tough-as-nails icebreakers, fancy cruise ships, and those floating cities, the aircraft carriers –all these and more are displayed and described in this exciting book!  So much fun!!

It’s an over-sized book, crammed with huge, fascinating photographs, many of which fold out to majorly eye-popping sizes.  View the cock pit of a San Francisco fire boat.  Climb in a fishing boat in a gale, while huge waves of icy water crash over struggling fishermen. Learn how nuclear submarines surface through a layer of ice, and how Coast Guard officials can see what’s around them, even in the midst of a moonless night on the ocean.

This is terrific stuff!  Enough information is given to tease the curiosities of kids, but not so much as to bog down young listeners.  The dramatic, colorful photos grab us and give us up close looks at all these cool vessels.  Just right for kindergartners through grandfathers.  There are other titles in this series, as well, which I would check out in a minute based on the quality of this book — race cars, fire-engines, heavy equipment, fighter planes…oh my!

Here’s the Amazon link:  Ships UP CLOSE (Up Close (Sterling Hardcover))