poetry friday

It’s All in the Point of View
by Edith Lombard Squires


Berengaria Perkins-Jones is quite a name to say —
But Berengaria Perkins-Jones went swimming in the bay.
All the Palaeozoic fish felt very small inside,
The Pelycosaurs sadly turned and swam out with the tide,
For everyone and all of them kept saying in hushed tones —
“Just think of such a  name as Berengaria Perkins-Jones!”


The Brontosaurus gave a snort and then a jealous sigh,
The really mild Diplodocus wiped many a tearful eye,
And even Pterodactyls and the gallivanting Gnu
Showed symptoms of psychosis and groaned a groan or two,
While everyone and all of them kept saying in shocked tones,
“Just think of such a name as Berengaria Perkins-Jones!”