nonfiction nuggets…rain forests

Rain, Rain, Rain Forest, by Brenda Z. Guiberson, illustrated by Steve Jenkins

A rain forest is a mysterious, remarkable place.  It’s full of sounds, smells, sights,  foreign to most of us.  Toucans squawking.  Monkeys howling.  Orchids blooming.  Mosses dripping.  Ruby red frogs and lime green parrots.  So exotic, it seems like a fantasy world.

In this book, Brenda Guiberson takes us on a highly interesting tour of the rain forest, introducing us to many colorful plants and animals, explaining  how well-suited they are to this particular environment, describing the role the abundant rainfall plays in their world.  We learn about the outlandishly slow sloth, the tiny-but-responsible poison-dart frog, the orderly leafcutter ants, the noisy capuchin monkeys,  bromeliads, fungus gardens,medicinal plants sought by scientists, and much more.  Guiberson crams all of this fascinating lore into clear, engaging text, written for young elementary children, yet also intriguing  for the lucky grown-ups who read it to them.

Steve Jenkins, whose work I love!, has done the gorgeous cut-paper collages for the book.  Beautiful colors and textures form boas and bats, vines and blossoms and the vast green canopy over all. 

Here’s the Amazon link: Rain, Rain, Rain Forest