nonfiction nuggets…the story of the Exodus

Exodus, retold and illustrated by Brian Wildsmith

If you don’t know Brian Wildsmith’s work, you should.

Brilliant candy-colors, unusual textures and intriguing details pour across the pages of his books.  They are gorgeous, imaginative, artistic illustrations, easily recognizable as soon as you’ve been introduced to his style.  Wildsmith has contributed an outstanding treasury of children’s literature since his first books appeared in the 1960s.

This is his re-telling of the Biblical story of the Exodus.  Beginning with the birth of Moses, Wildsmith succinctly takes us through Moses’  years in Pharoah’s household, his sojourn in Midian and encounter with the burning bush, his pleas to Pharoah and the ensuing plagues, including the final plague and the first Passover.  We follow the Israelites as they leave Egypt, cross the Red Sea, collect manna, and receive the Ten Commandments, before briefly reading of Moses’ death and Joshua’s turn taking the people into the Promised Land.

These pages are a feast for the eyes.  From the exotic birds feeding among the bullrushes of the Nile, to the vast columns profusely decorated with designs and heiroglyphics; a magnificent, supernatural burning bush, and a sea of tents spread out at the foot of Mt. Sinai — this is a spectacular interpretation of these well-known episodes in the history of the Jewish people.

This is another great selection for the Easter and Passover season, and I hope it leads you to check out other books done by this wonderful artist.

Here’s the Amazon link:  Exodus