nonfiction nuggets…a book that’s sweet on bats

Bat Loves the Night, by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies

I have had up-close-and-personal exposure to the dainty brown bats that hang out at the lake cabin …or in the cabin as the case may be…as well as the much-larger-than-desirable fruit bats we had in Africa, massive things, at times blackening the sky in the thousands.  They are a fascinating, wonderful, startling, repulsive creature, are they not?  I mean, they do have faces that only a mother could love. 

At any rate.  This book is a lovely introduction to bats, with large-type sections which a kindergartner will thoroughly enjoy, and smaller-type sections which add extra information for the extra-curious ones.  The text reads like silky poetry, as it describes this particular little bat with her “pixie ears” and “thistledown fur,” and then journeys with her through the night, flying, swooping, sounding her voice, moth-hunting, through the hours of darkness.

Despite the brief text, Davies sneaks in lots of interesting information, with lovely, clear explanations. How bats sleep, where bats live, how echolocation works, how bats hunt, what they eat — all these details delivered in a message smooth as pudding.

The watercolor illustrations are soft, luscious, dreamy pictures of this little pipistrelle bat and her surroundings.   You can almost feel its whisper-soft fur and the warm stillness of the summer night.  She even manages to make this bat very cute, though not to the point of it becoming unrealistic.  Very, very nice.

Great book for learning about these little summer visitors,  coming your way soon!  Personally, I am hoping to build a bat house for some organic mosquito control.  Anyone joining me on that?

Here’s an Amazon link:

 Bat Loves the Night: Read and Wonder