nonfiction nuggets…Michael “Air” Jordan!

Jump: From the Life of Michael Jordan, written and illustrated by Floyd Cooper

He scored over 32,000 points.
Won two Olympic gold medals.
Played on six NBA championship teams.
Was named Most Valuable Player in the NBA five times…

…Yet  he failed to make his high school varsity team as a 10th grader.  What?!

Here is the story of how Michael Jordan grew into probably the most famous, certainly one of the most talented, basketball players of all time.  As Floyd Cooper shows us, success wasn’t simply handed to Jordan on a silver platter.  Beginning with his days as the little brother of Larry, always trying to keep up with this older brother’s amazing athleticism, we see Michael practice and work incredibly hard, enduring his share of ridicule and failure, until finally his efforts, and a 4-inch growth spurt, pay off and Michael Jordan begins his road to the top.

This is a great, picture-book length biography, written in a warm, very human style, rather then a dry rattling off of statistics.  It introduces a Michael Jordan that young kids can relate to, rather than focusing on a mega-star miles beyond the reach of most everybody else on the planet!  Cooper’s paintings are done in muted, sepia-like tones, which create a nostalgic feel, though they are full of life and warmth and action.  One cool, folding-out page even lets us see Jordan airborne in a magnificent leap!  In a lengthy Biographical Note at the end, Cooper provides all the details  of Jordan’s record-setting career.  The overall tone is one of admiration for a man who worked hard at his sport all the way along, putting his mark on the game and setting new marks for others to pursue.  Great read for lots of young fans!


Here’s an Amazon link:  Jump! From the Life of Michael Jordan