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On the Same Day in March: A Tour of the World’s Weather, by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Frané Lessac

In March, up near the Arctic Circle, polar bears pad about on the ice hunting seals, hoping to swipe some fish with massive paws, watching the long dark Arctic nights begin shifting to long light Arctic days.

Meanwhile, a little further south, in Alberta, Canada, a warm Chinook wafts in, melting the snow in a breezy moment, leaving puddles and muddy patches where yesterday there were piles of snow.

Much further south, in central Thailand, it’s hot, hot, hot.  The emerald-green fields shimmer in the heat and flip-flops let toasty toes feel a little cooler.

Further south still, in Darwin, Australia, on the same day in March, fall weather is blowing in with a strong, cool wind, driving boats in to shore and battering the shutters on the houses.

When you read this book, you take a trip from North Pole to South Pole, catching a glimpse of the weather in seventeen wonderfully different locations, all on the same day in March.  The stop-offs in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the coming spring and summer, while those in the Southern Hemisphere are preparing for winter.

It’s a clever, cheery look at the way differing places on the globe experience the seasons.  Lessac has had a hey-day with the illustrations!  Bright, vivid paintings depict the scenes in all these interesting places.  A sidewalk cafe in Paris, a tropical market in Dakar, a foggy Louisiana bayou, and the pampas of Patagonia, are all colorfully presented here.  An Author’s Note explains a bit about the orbit and tilt of the earth which are responsible for the changing seasons. 

Amazon link:  On the Same Day in March: A Tour of the World’s Weather