nonfiction nuggets…a capybara is a rodent of unusual size!

Capyboppy, written and illustrated by Bill Peet

Ever heard of a capybara?  It’s something like an oversized guinea pig.  Very oversized.  As in 200 pounds of guinea pig.

Capyboppy is Bill Peet’s warm, humorous story of their pet capybara, brought into their home by his college-age son back in the 1960s.  Arriving in Bill, Jr.’s jeep at about 5 weeks of age, Capyboppy took over their hearts, and home, directly on arrival.

In short order, the Peets discovered that Capyboppy loved to eat… and eat… and eat some more.  Not only the cats’ food disappeared, but bowls full of oats…and graham cracker treats…and purses and shoes.  Capyboppy also loved showers, the backyard pool, back scratching, sofa-lounging, and in general being the center of attention!

As Capyboppy grew, his care became more challenging, of course.  Seventy-five pounds of attention-seeking, too-smart-for-his-britches rodent, no matter how cute and charming, becomes a bit much to manage!  It became clear that Capyboppy needed a better home, and the arrangement was made to move him to the zoo.  That’s a sad day for the Peets, but Capy settles in very happily with some unusual companions there, and plenty to eat!

Bill Peet’s narration of their unusual pet, its hilarious antics, extroverted personality, and mischievous manners, is a delightful, short read.  His pencil sketches are fabulous and very nicely reveal the busy-body, comfort-seeking personality of this comical animal.  Read this aloud to kids 5 and up.  Animal-lovers will especially enjoy it. 

For family photos of the real Capyboppy, go to Bill Peet’s web-site by clicking on this link

And here’s a link to order the book on Amazon: Capyboppy