bringing gems to the surface

I realize I’ve been blogging for some time now…about 8 months…and what with all that verbage spilling from page to page, I know there are some great little book-gems buried deep inside the blog which are increasingly difficult to find unless you know just what you’re looking for.  And, unearthing those gems is what I’m blogging for in the first place. 

So…I made an index.  You can see the tab on the top of my page.  I’ve listed everything I reviewed in 2010, alphabetically by title. I was surprised by how many books are on the list!  Over 250 at this point!  Anyhow, you can scroll down the list, see what’s available,  and then search for that title’s review using the search box on the page.  My plan is to keep that current and not ever have such a backlog to index again!  Phew!   I’m hoping that it’s helpful for some of you.


You can always search by category, too.  Picture books, poetry, etc., can be separated out using the category widget.  I haven’t done a great job of marking out the Newbery books, or the Caldecott books, but some day when I get some time, I’ll try to flag those so there is an easy way of locating all of those for anyone interested.  Someday, too, I hope to get the Poetry titles listed  so they are easier to search. 

I’m keen to keep blogging this year.  I’ve got lists and lists of books to check out; stacks of library books mushrooming up in corners of my house, waiting to be read; ideas for lists-of-five on birthdays and other cultures, adventures and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day.  Here’s hoping Orange Marmalade introduces lots of great books to lots of great people in 2011!